Matt Rodela

Founder at Turnkey Website Blueprint

The Turnkey Factor: Never lose a customer to Wix or Squarespace again

Turnkey website systems are a great service offering for part-time or full-time web consultants who are looking for a way to serve their lower budget clients, earn recurring revenue, and scale their business to serve hundreds of customers without the growing pains of hiring a huge staff.

In this talk, you’ll learn:

  • How to capitalize on the growing DIY website builder trend
  • Why low-budget clients can be your best (and most lucrative) clients
  • How to use a turnkey website platform to lead customers to your high-ticket services
  • How a laser focus on THE RIGHT customer niche can make your solution a no-brainer for your potential customers

Workshop: Turnkey Websites Blueprint Intensive

We’ll take the entire blueprint from my turnkey websites course and distill it down to the “low hanging fruit” basics you need to get a successful turnkey website platform up and running. By the end of the workshop, you’ll have your own turnkey platform set up and ready to go on a test environment that you can then copy over to your own hosting!

  • Computer required for implementation.
  • Workshop materials delivered as Google Docs.
  • Session will not be recorded.

Matthew Rodela is a recovering IT Consultant who now builds websites for a living. Based out of the Washington, DC area, Matthew found recurring revenue success running his turnkey website platform by leveraging the power of WordPress Multisite. Turnkey systems are a great business niche for part-time or full-time web consultants who are looking for a way to serve their lower-budget clients and grow their recurring revenue. Matthew created Turnkey Websites Blueprint to start sharing the experiences of his journey. Through the Turnkey Websites Blueprint course, Matthew has taught over 100 web professionals how to build their very own turnkey website solution.

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