Lee Goff

Agency Success Roadmap / Coach & Author

Workshop: How to Productize Your Agency – Build it Once, Sell it a Thousand Times

Learn about the Agency Object Oriented/Legos Productization Model.  Build & position your products so your clients can dream, build the perfect solution for their business and your profits sky rocket!!


Since founding his first agency GetUWired in 2003 in his upstairs bedroom, GetUWired has helped thousands of business owners around the world break through the glass ceiling and live the lives they deserve — making more money with less work and having more time for all the things they love. Lee is living proof that his formula works. In 2013, using Jim Collins and the Infusionsoft's leadership team as his inspiration, he began handing off the agency leadership responsibilities, eventually leading to his retirement from that company in May 2015. In May 2016 he sold out his remaining shares in his agency to pursue his lifelong passion of mentoring other small businesses(specifically marketing agencies). His motto is “Success using vision, leadership and shared knowledge.” He shares everything he learned while building GetUWired with his students. His new venture is marketingagencycoach.com and is in business for one reason - To Make Agency Owners Lives Easier!

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