The Recurring Revenue Retreat is an event for website professionals looking to increase or establish more recurring revenue in their business. We are seeking talks about:

  • Creating digital products, productized services, software, training, SaaS or WaaS products with a recurring revenue model
  • Entrepreneur-focused topics for running a recurring revenue business, i.e expansion, managing teams, client or customer acquisition
  • Legal or financial aspects of running a recurring revenue business
  • Marketing topics around client or customer acquisition, product positioning, social media marketing, etc

As you submit talks, please note, this is not a WordPress event or a "web agency" event. This is an event about recurring revenue using digital products, training, SaaS systems, etc. Topics about WordPress, website builds or building a WordPress web agency will not be considered.

Compensation: Speakers will be given an R3 VIP Ticket to the event (which includes 3 nights at the hotel). In the case an accepted speaker has already purchased a ticket to the event, their purchase will be refunded.